MPG MiS Documentation

Technical documentation for user services at the MPI MiS. In case of questions not answered here you may also look into our Wiki (only accessible from within the institute or via VPN) or contact EDV.

General remarks about computer use


The institute provides a variety of computer equipment to accomplish tasks ranging from E-Mail and LaTeX on a desktop workstation up to computationally intensive jobs on multiprocessor server machines.

If you need any assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of the computer group.

Account information

Your account information should be inside the papers you get, when arriving at the institute.

There is only one password for both Linux and Microsoft Windows computers and for all other services, i.e., email access, preprint submission.

You may change your (initial) password using our Self Service Portal.


On your desk you will find a small desktop PCs running Linux.

Please have a look at the computing equipment available for you to find other machines for computationally or memory intensive programs.


Here you will find some information about available software. If you need additional software or different versions, please contact a member of the computer group.


Please also have a look at the Security policy currently employed for the connection to the Internet.

There you will also find information on how to connect from the outside to our computer systems.

Personal Laptop

If you want to connect your laptop to the network (both in the institute or in the guesthouse), use the provided vouchers or use the Eduroam network, since there are no provisions for unattended laptop connections.

Please see also the additional information to connect a laptop. If you need an additional voucher, please generate it using our Self-Service Portal.

Leaving the Institute

Before the end of your visit to the institute, please be sure to contact the computer group so that a transfer of your data can be arranged.

Please also refer to this document for additional information for your departure.